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Film production is not a new industry in Florida. Filming began in this state over a century ago. Movies were shot in Florida beginning in 1888. By 1918, more than 100 film production companies were operating in Jacksonville alone, and that city was fast becoming recognized as a film capitol in this country.

Over the years, due to production problems, the hub of the movie industry moved west to California. Some production did come back, and there were a few production studios in existence. Florida became mostly known as a "location state."

In 1974, a group of Florida filmmakers became irate when the state lost several movies to other states because of a lack of cooperation by state and local governments. These filmmakers decided to do something about this loss and thus was founded
Florida Motion Picture & Television Association
on June 25, 1974.

Also known as FMPTA, we are a 501(c)6, not-for-profit trade organization whose mission is to promote motion picture, television, audio recording, theater and digital media production within Florida.  We strive to educate our members, both emerging and established, as to the changing technologies and further skill development of their craft, as well as the public as to the importance of our industry to the economic climate of Florida.  Our members include persons and businesses involved in ALL areas of the production industry.

Today, Florida Motion Picture & Entertainment Association actively monitors actions in the State Legislature pertaining to the entertainment industry, and we work closely with other similar organizations.

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